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  • Pechenegs — (Patzinaks)    Warlike, nomadic people from the Eurasian steppe (q.v.) who appeared on Byzantium s (q.v.) northern frontier in the late ninth century. They moved westward from the Volga, perhaps under pressure from the Uzes (q.v.), driving the… …   Historical dictionary of Byzantium

  • Michael VII Doukas — Michael VII Doukas Μιχαήλ Ζ΄ Δούκας Emperor of the Byzantine Empire Nomisma histamenon of Michael VII Doukas. Emperor with attributes. Reign …   Wikipedia

  • Byzantine diplomacy — concerns the principles and methods, the mechanisms the ideals and techniques that the Byzantine empire espoused and used in order to negotiate with the other states and to promote the goals of its foreign policy. Dimitri Obolensky asserts that… …   Wikipedia

  • Pechenegs — The Pechenegs or Patzinaks (Turkish: Peçenekler , Hungarian: Besenyő , Greek: Patzinaki/Petsenegi or Πατζινάκοι/Πετσενέγοι/Πατζινακίται, Latin: Pacinacae , Bisseni /in Hungarian diplomas) were a semi nomadic Turkic people of the Central Asian… …   Wikipedia

  • Trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks — Ships on the Dnieper, by Nicholas Roerich. The trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks (Russian: Путь «из варяг в греки», Put iz varyag v greki, Swedish: Vägen från varjagerna till grekerna, Greek: Εμπορική Οδός Βαράγγων Ελλήνων) w …   Wikipedia

  • Byzantine battle tactics — The Byzantine army evolved from that of the late Roman Empire. The language of the army was still Latin (though later and especially after the 6th century Greek dominates, as Greek became the official language of the entire empire) but it became… …   Wikipedia

  • Komnenian army — Infobox War Faction name= Byzantine army war= the Byzantine Seljuk wars, the Byzantine Bulgarian Wars, the Byzantine Norman Wars and other conflicts active= 1081–1204 AD leaders= Byzantine Emperor headquarters=Constantinople area= Asia Minor,… …   Wikipedia

  • Lăpuş —   Commune   …   Wikipedia

  • John Axuch — John Axoukh or Axoukhos, also transliterated as Axuch ( el. polytonic|Ἰωάννης Ἀξούχ [ος] , flourished circa 1087 circa 1150) was the commander in chief ( megas domestikos ) of the Byzantine Army during the reign of Emperor John II Komnenos, and… …   Wikipedia

  • Constantine IX Monomachus — born с 980 died Jan. 11, 1055 Byzantine emperor (1042–55). He gained the imperial throne by marrying Zoe, empress of the Macedonian dynasty. An opponent of the great military leaders, he neglected imperial defenses, instead spending extravagantly …   Universalium

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